Aluminium & Cooking

An excellent conductor of heat

Heat conduction
Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat - 3 times better than cast iron, 5 times better than iron, 9 times better than stainless steel. When these different materials are subjected to the same source of heat, aluminium reaches the highest temperature in the shortest time.

aluminium: conductor of heat


Distribution of heat
Thanks to its superior conductivity, an Aluminium saucepan distributes the heat uniformly over the entire surface. This makes it possible to obtain even cooking of foods of any shape and whatever their position in the pan with respect to the centre of the burner.

aluminium saucepan
Traditional saucepan

aluminium saucepan
Aluminium Saucepan


Energy savings
For the same reasons, a non-stick aluminium saucepan helps to save energy. As the heat is transmitted very quickly and uniformly to the entire surface of the pan, a small source of heat is sufficient to bring the food to the correct cooking temperature. The temperature can then be maintained by further reducing the gas or hotplate setting.

Efficiency and durability
Another advantage of this uniform distribution of heat in Aluminium pans is the absence of excessive concentrations of heat in the area of the burner or hotplate which, when repeated day after day, cause deterioration of the non-stick coating and drastically reduce the service life of the saucepan.

distribution of heat in aluminium pans


Lightness and strength
In spite of its very low specific gravity (2.7 g/cm3), Aluminium offers exceptional strength, which matches that of heavier and more expensive metals.