Kitchen Sets

Presenting long lasting high utility kitchen sets from VMI India

VMI India brings you the complete line of kitchenware to suit your every applicqation and requirement. Crafted from high grade aluminium and stainless steel, VMI offers functional, high utility products designed with the user in mind.

For starters, we use aluminium and stainless steel with high thermal efficiency for fast heating and reduced fuel costs. Rolled edges add strength to withstand impact and prevent damaged rims.

Machined lids eliminate sharp edges and fit flush over cooking pots, reducing heat release and preserving the nutritional value of food. and stackable units make storage and transport a breeze.

Kitchenware from VMI India. Study the options and make your choice. For tough, reliable and safe products that can take years of everyday use.

ALUMINIUM Kitchen Sets

Available in Different Thicknesses & Capacities

Quality Management

VMI Kitchen Sets are put through strict quality checks to ensure consistency in material, construction and finish. Inspection at avery stage - from raw material, processing to finished products - ensures that each piece matches up to the demands of everyday use.



Customised Sets
Enjoy the direct - from- manufacturer advantage of flexible packaging, material options and fast availability. VMI can customise products to suit your unique specifications, saving you time in procurement and giving you value for money.